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Afternoon Tea Experience

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Here at the 1867 we try our very hardest, every day, to welcome our guests and then say goodbye, ‘feeling better than when they came in’. We choose our food offering very carefully – using as many local and fresh produce and ingredients as we possibly can.

The kitchen crew try their very best to accommodate every dietary requirement – it’s not easy nowadays but they do their best. The 1867 crew are chosen, by the crew – which means we all work together to make our guest experience consistently the best we can. We are a likeminded friendly bunch!

We choose our coffee beans and variety of tea very carefully. Our coffee is roasted by experts, ground by experts and each cup created with as much care and love as our baristas possibly can. That’s why guests come from far and wide for our coffee. What do you think? Sometimes we get it wrong! And sometimes we can’t see ‘what we could do better’. Our guests, every day, tell us how wonderful their experience has been but what do you think?

We teach our crew, particularly the younger ones at the weekends, the very best  ‘eatery customer experience’. Our guests tell us they love the fun family team spirit. What do you think? Is there a particular member of our crew you would like to commend for their customer experience?

Tell us what you think and what we could do better – even the smallest little thing.

Thank you.


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What do you think?

Every day guests tell us how much they have enjoyed the food, the ambience, the friendly crew, the location, the flowers, the coffee, the tea, the cake, the menu, the specials, value for money and even the cleanliness of our cloakrooms – we would like to hear what you think?

We openly encourage well behaved dogs – in fact often they get more attention than their owners. What do you think?

How could we improve?

We openly encourage our guests to tell us what we could do to make the experience even better. Our menu? Our Coffee and tea offering? The décor? What could the crew do to make it better? What do you think we could do, even the smallest little thing?

If we opened in the evening, once a month, for example, for a particular ‘food themed evening’ would that be something you would be interested in? And if so what would be your favourite cuisine?

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